Version 1.1.11

This website was created (and currently operated) by me as a way to supplement countless spreadsheets and individual programs to keep track of the things I love across many mediums. You can find more information about the site and contribute by going to github.

Please make comments and suggestions as you use the site by clicking the appropriate buttons on pages when you see them as I am building this site purely to suffice my own needs until people speak up. Thanks

Please read the disclaimers and privacy policy before using the site. Be aware that after 90 days of inactivity, user data is no longer safe and may be deleted or altered unintentionally.

Many open source and privately developed technologies made this site possible. Please check out the awesome projects below.

  • Python - Backend code to do almost all computations
  • Django - Web framework to serve urls correctly, generate html, sync with the database, and much more
  • MySQL - Database to store all persistent data
  • OAUTH - Authentication plugin to communicate with Netflix
  • unicodecsv - Python plugin for unicode csv support
  • Bootstrap - CSS library that makes this site a pleasure to use
  • Starbox - Star rating system that just works
  • Pikaday - Super light weight datepicker
  • Piecon - Dynamically generated progress pie charts in the favicon
  • Webfaction - Web hosting
  • Amazon - CDN
  • HTML5 Sortable - Lightweight jQuery plugin for drag n' drop
  • FullCalendar - jQuery plugin for calender display
  • Facebook Javascript SDK and Python library to facilitate authentication with Facebook login and registration
  • Tweepy - Python library for Twitter authentication and API usage
  • Google Javascript SDK and Python library to facilitate authentication with Google login and registration
  • Javascript libraries from JQuery, Prototype, and Scriptaculous for animations of any kind
  • API's from IMDb (API here), Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, and Wikipedia for all basic data gathering